Removing a Chimney

The chimney is part of the structure of the house and its removal should be carefully considered before any work is carried out. The work must comply with the Building Regulations 2000 and therefore a Building Regulations submission is required.

Where the chimney is part of the party wall between two properties, the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 places certain burdens on the person intending to carry out the work.

Can the chimney be removed?

If you want to remove a chimney breast in a ground or first floor room you must first support the chimney adequately. It is not enough to corbel the brickwork below the remaining chimney stack. The stack must be properly supported. Steel beams can be used instead of brackets provided that they are supported on suitable load-bearing walls.

Where a chimney stack on an external wall is partly removed, say on the end house of a terrace, the chimney stack should be reduced to be no more than 1 metre above the highest point of the where the stack emerges from the roof. Where a stack forms a buttress, the wall must be checked for stability by a structural engineer.

Constructing and fixing a supporting bracket

The bracket should be made of 50mm x 50mm angles in 5mm or 6mm steel. The angle of the support should be 450 with all the joints welded together with 5mm fillet weld.

For more information on removing a chimney, please see our leaflet.

Page last updated: 24/04/2019