Business Support and Advice

Our Services for Businesses

Whether you are starting up, expanding or re-locating a business to Southend, we can link you to the right knowledge, expertise and contacts to make your business a success.

Below is a brief overview of our business support services.

Team Services they Offer
Business Rates Can offer information and advice about business rates.
Business Regulations Can advise on your legal requirements, such as in selling (including ecommerce, import/exports, etc) and queries about food hygiene. They also offer:
  • responses to business claims
  • business talks
  • meetings about complex enquiries
  • advice and information leaflets
  • information about trading standards.
Enterprise and Innovation
  • Encourage business growth, development and inward investment
  • gives advice on property, funding, business support and training enquiries
  • gives customised information about Southend's demographics and economy.
Environmental Protection
  • Advice on reducing the environmental impact of commercial development
  • advice on controlling noise or pollution at non-food premises.
Health and Safety
  • Advice and guidance about Health and Safety in non-food premises
  • responses to complaints
  • accident investigation
  • free leaflets and handbooks.
Highways Maintenance

Advice on the use of public roads when carrying out repairs or refurbishment on business premises. They issue permits for:

  • hoarding and scaffolding
  • temporary disturbance of highway surface permits
  • permission for apparatus in or over the highway
  • licence builders' skips on the highway.

Deals with business premises needing specific licences, such as:

  • liquor, entertainment and animal welfare
  • Gambling Act
  • Hackney carriage and private hire
Planning Enforcement

Advice and guidance on planning compliance as well as enforcing planning control breaches.

  • Processing of planning applications
  • pre-submission advice on planning applications/permissions
  • contacts for other regulators.
Building Control
  • Advice for builders on building regulations
  • application forms and guidance for building.

This team ensures that we:

  • obtain the best value for money
  • identifies areas where improvements in efficiency can be made
  • acts in compliance with procurement strategy and contract rules.
Strategic Planning

This team maintains and prepares all statutory and strategic development and transport plan functions from regional to local level including:

  • Local Development Framework (LDF) / Borough Local Plan
  • Local Transport Plan
  • Joint Waste Local Plan
  • Minerals Planning
  • Regional Planning.
They also advise on:
  • Census, Population and Unemployment Statistics
  • Conservation Areas
  • Listed Building & Grants.
Streets Scene

Increases public awareness of street scene environments and provides:

  • street management on an area basis
  • contract management for street cleansing, refuse and recycling
  • application of the new enforcement policy to tackle enviro-crime
  • enforces breaches of highways and environment legislation.
Town Centre Management
  • Provides communication and understanding between businesses, safety partnerships and the Council
  • investigates initiatives to improve the attractiveness, accessibility, security and regeneration of the town centre.
  • Manages Southend General Market
Traffic and Transportation

Co-ordinates the Southend Business TravelWise Initiative, which aims to reduce traffic congestion and improve business efficiency. TravelWise members are entitled to various free services - and the Traffic & Transportation team provide free advice to local businesses on adopting the plan.

Waste Management
  • Advice and guidance on workplace recycling and reducing waste disposal costs
  • information on recycling facilities
  • support for developers on waste storage and collection.

If you need any further information please contact us.

Page last updated: 08/05/2018