Parking Dispensations

Dispensations to Park

Dispensation permits give you permission to park in a restricted area, this would usually be to carry out work at a property where it is essential to park close to the property to do the work, and where there will be minimal impact on other road users, pedestrians and local businesses.

Professional removal vans are exempt, so don’t need a dispensation to park on yellow lines for loading and unloading, unless there is a prohibition of loading in place.

Emergency situations involving gas, electric, water, sewerage, roofing or building collapse are also exempt as they are unplanned events. If you do receive a parking fine, you should challenge its issue and provide supporting evidence of the repairs undertaken. The Council will then consider whether the parking fine should be cancelled or not, based on all the evidence available.

Wedding and funeral cars are exempt for the service, but any private cars attending a service are not.

Dispensations will only be issued for a maximum of 7 days unless the circumstances require a longer period, in these cases, the Parking Team will assess the request and may agree to a longer period. Please note that a Dispensation will not be issued for general parking purposes not associated with any works or activity.

To apply for a dispensation, please compete the online application form

A charge of £30.00 is payable for each dispensation issued and will allow parking for the vehicle;

  • on yellow lines
  • in parking bays where waiting is time limited

Please do not make any payment until the dispensation has been agreed. A member of the team will contact you to let you know if the application is agreed and arrange for the payment to be made.

Dispensations cannot be issued for;

  • loading restrictions (a vertical yellow mark on the kerb indicates a loading restriction)
  • locations at or near to a junction
  • on an approach to a signal controlled junction, a pedestrian crossing,   
  • major routes where the restriction is in place to maintain traffic flow
  • bus stops, taxi ranks or other designated vehicle parking areas
  • on school keep clear markings
  • any location considered to cause a danger to any other road users

Applications should be received within two working days before the required date to enable the Council to inspect the site before approval is given. However, officers have discretion to deal with more urgent applications if it is reasonable to do so.

Dispensations should not be issued for continuous periods in excess of seven days and should not authorise parking for more than two vehicles at any one location unless the officer is satisfied that the road width and length and precise location permit this safely.

Page last updated: 19/09/2019