Advice for Private Tenants

Advice for Private Tenants during the coronavirus pandemic

Please note that due to the impact of coronavirus, our service is working at a reduced capacity.

If you have serious concerns for the condition of your rented home you should contact your landlord in the first instance.

  • make a record of any telephone calls and follow up with an email or text.
  • explain what you are concerned about and include images if possible.
  • ask what your landlord is able to do as a remedy and the likely timescale.
  • ask your landlord to reply in writing

Remember, your landlord and their contractors will be following the same National Guidance as you. Certain trades can continue to work where they can maintain social distance from non-members of their household.

If you feel your landlord’s response is unreasonable, please contact us using MySouthend.

We may:

  • contact you to ask for further details about your report
  • talk to your landlord in the first instance about any reports made
  • visit properties on a case by case basis, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus
  • if there is a serious risk or immediate danger to tenants a visit will be attempted

We may have to take usual measures during this time for example where works cannot be completed due to the pandemic, we may ask you to not use parts of your home to avoid being exposed to any hazard.

We understand this is not ideal but it may be the only option to us.

During the current restrictions we will be unable to support non-urgent or not legally required action.

Page last updated: 03/04/2020