Christmas Tree Recycling

Once the festive season is over, you may wonder what to do with your real Christmas tree. Then why not let Veolia collect it for free between 7 and 19 January.

Collections will start on January 7 2019, so from this date all you have to do is place your real Christmas tree at the front boundary of your property on your collection day, in a visible position, making sure all decorations and pots have been removed.

Veolia’s garden waste teams will then collect the tree and arrange for it to be composted.

If your tree is missed on your collection day, please fill in our online missed collection form, and a collection will be arranged within 7 days (so at the latest on your next collection day)

You can take your real Christmas tree(s) to both of the Household Waste Recycling Centres and place it in the green waste container, where it will also be sent for composting.

Page last updated: 22/11/2018