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Services for Schools

Brochures of LA Services for Schools 2018-19

We are delighted to be able to offer the services within the 'Brochure of LA Services for Schools 2018-19' to all Southend schools, and to schools within Essex and Thurrock (to supplement those provided by the relevant Local Authority). Please see the brochure link below for outlines of all services that Southend Local Authority is currently able to offer, along with contact details, prices and a description of what each service can provide. We welcome enquiries from any school at any time.

Find out more information in our Services for Schools 2018-2019 Brochure.

All Southend schools are currently able to use the Southend Learning Network for the following:

  • to purchase all annual subscription packages/services
  • to purchase any ad hoc services at other times in the year
  • to add extra sessions to their annual subscription package (where applicable and subject to availability at the time)
  • to request a quote for a service (where applicable)
  • to book all training from the Local Authority and Local Safeguarding Children's Board
  • to receive all documents from the Local Authority and Local Safeguarding Children's Board

All non-Southend schools who would like to access any services or training, please contact the Services for Schools team on 01702 215938 or [email protected].

Please note, however, that provision of all services is subject to availability.

We welcome your continued feedback on all of our services, on the Southend Learning Network and on our brochure.

Southend Academies, Southend Independent Schools and all schools outside of the borough will be charged VAT.

Page last updated: 23/10/2019