Residents Parking Permits - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The resident is situated at the address given within the Permit zone.

The permit does not guarantee the holder a set space on street.

The permits must be displayed at all times whilst the car is parked in a Parking Management Scheme or Residents Parking Permit Zone.

All permits are issued only for the use on the car bearing the registration given on the application form. If you change your car you can either apply on line or  take the windscreen portion of the current permit to the Civic Centre to be changed by the Customer Services Team along with the new documentation for the vehicles showing the registration to the appropriate address.

Permits will only be valid for the vehicle registration shown on the permit.

If a permit holder moves outside of the area the permit will no longer be valid for use

Permits are only valid in the relevant zone area, you cannot use the permits in the town centre or seafront pay and display areas

Any permit issued by the council is in respect of the said vehicle or business name and address and that such issue and any subsequent issue of a permit is conditional upon surrendering to the council the said permit on the happening of one of the following events:

  • The applicant ceases to reside, commute or conduct a business in a premises within which the permit is issued;
  • The applicant ceases to own the vehicle specified in this application;
  • The vehicle specified in this application is adapted in such a manner that it exceeds 2.3m in height; or 2m wide
  • The applicant is issued with a duplicate permit.

The applicant undertakes to inform the council immediately any of the events mentioned above have occurred.

Visitor permits are not for re-sale by residents and must be provided free of charge to residents visitors. Abuse of visitor permits may lead to a refusal for further permit purchases from Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

Visitors Permits are valid for a single use of one day per vehicle. Permits can not be used over several vehicles or for more than one day.

The Visitor Permit must be placed on the dashboard in clear view of the windscreen ensuring all details are visible from the outside of the vehicle.

 The issue of the voucher does not guarantee the availability of a space nor does it render the councils liability in respect of loss or damage to any vehicle or the contents or fittings of    any such vehicle.

If visitor books are lost or damaged applicant will have to pay for the visitor permits books again in full.

If the applicant no longer requires the permit, the applicant shall be entitled to apply for a refund calculated pro rata for each unused month, at the time of receipt by the Southend Borough Council, of the surrendered permit less £5.00 administration charge.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to apply for renewal of the parking permit when necessary.

If any application for renewal of a permit is not made prior to the expiry date printed on the permit, then the permit should not be used after its expiry, and any use may be subject to the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

There will be a permit duplication cost of £5 in the case of loss, damage, mutilation or theft of the permit and that any duplication is at the discretion of Southend Borough Council.

The council may withdraw any permit should any cheque, credit/debit card, from the payee, as payment of the appropriate fee for the permit, be subsequently dishonoured.

The Council will take no responsibility for any original documents sent by post, if there is a failure in delivery.

The permit may be withdrawn if the conditions of issue are contravened.

It is an offence to abuse, misuse or purchase visitors’ permits for any gain. The Council will monitor their use and reserves the right to withdraw existing permits, refuse to issue further permits and prosecute as appropriate for any misuse.

The Council reserves the right at any time to vary parking areas in each category, to withdraw facilities at any parking areas, to restrict and expand the hours of the parking during which permits may be used. The issue of permits does not reserve or guarantee a parking space within a set location within the zone.

You may be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) if you fail to display a valid voucher; fail to park within the markings of the bay if applicable; fail to fill in the visitor permit correctly and fully and if the permit has been previously used and any previous information erased or changed for re-use. Visitor permits are only valid in Resident Permit Bays.

Page last updated: 07/02/2019