Paying for your Care and Personal Assistants

Employing a Personal Assistant

One of the many benefits of having a Personal Budget is being able to use a Personal Assistant (PA for short). A PA is a person paid by you to help you live more independently.

There are two ways to get a PA, either employing someone privately or paying an agency to provide someone. Your social worker or care co-ordinator will give you advice about this.

Employing someone privately

It is important to remember that you are not choosing a best friend but someone to do a job.

  • To employ a PA you advertise for; interview and choose someone who suits you
  • You are also responsible for the administrative and legal responsibilities including managing your PA’s pay and arranging the appropriate insurance before they start working for you
  • Your social worker will be able to explain this in full and provide you with some further information to help you understand this process.
  • For information about finding a PA please see the SHIP website.

Paying an agency to provide someone

  • You will pay an agency to find you a PA and pay their wages, tax and national insurance
  • You will have less choice about your PA as you will not be able to interview them
  • The agency may not be able to provide the same person each time
  • Employing someone through an agency also costs more

Page last updated: 05/07/2018