Specialist Dementia Sensory Garden

‘Walkway to a Longer Life’

The Benefits of the Garden

Our specialist Dementia sensory garden provides a safe and secure area to walk, rest and socialise in an environment which has familiar features and attributes. The garden offers access to the outside in a safe way. The use of the garden can promote physical, cognitive, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. It is completely level creating a safe environment and reducing the risk of trips and falls. The garden is specifically designed to be a calming environment, enhancing wellbeing and helping to trigger memories, and stimulate the senses with floral fragrances and colours.

The Features of the Garden

  • A figure of eight path. This encourages walking and avoids the risk of becoming confused by reaching a boundary wall or fence
  • A colourful and fragrant rose garden to stimulate the senses
  • A wild flower meadow
  • A village green style area with bus shelter and post box to trigger memories
  • A colour wheel of shrubs and flowers to help aid orientation around the garden
  • A water wall and fountain to stimulate
  • Raised flower beds
  • A social area with garden games

The garden is open for private visits on the third Thursday of the month by appointment between 1pm and 4pm. Groups are welcome to attend at other times by arrangement with St Martin’s.

To arrange a visit or for any further information, please contact:

St Martin’s Residential Home
59 Imperial Avenue

Telephone: 01702 475891

Page last updated: 05/07/2018