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What is SHIELDS?

The letters 'SHIELDS' stands for Supporting, Helping, Informing Everyone with Learning Disabilities in Southend.

We are a group of people who have learning disabilities. We speak up on behalf of other people with learning disabilities.

We are called councillors. People vote for us to represent them.

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Our Aims

We make sure that people with a learning disability in Southend have a voice about the services they receive.

We represent the views of people with a learning disability to the Learning Disability Partnership Board and Action Groups.

We support people to make Valuing People Now and the Learning Disability Commissioning Strategy happen.

We speak up for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

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To Contact Us

Would like to join SHIELDS or find out more?

Then please telephone the SHIELDS Manager on 07503 059 730.

Or e-mail SHIELDS at [email protected]

Page last updated: 03/08/2018