Prittlewell Prince Returns

For the first time, objects from the famous Prittlewell Anglo-Saxon princely burial will go on permanent display at Southend Central Museum.

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Self Directed Support

Direct Payments

Direct Payments - Image provided by Photo Symbols 3


What is a Direct Payment?

A Direct Payment gives you the power to buy your own support rather than having the Council arrange it.

This gives you more choice and control about the support you receive. You can make sure that your support meets your needs.

A Direct Payment must be spent on the needs that have been assessed by us. It must be spent on making sure that you are independent, healthy and safe.

Direct Payments - Image provided by Photo Symbols 3


Things that a Direct Payment can be used for:

  • Support at home or in the community
  • For respite
  • Day services that are not run by us
  • Live-in care
  • Equipment to assist with a caring role

We will agree with you how to spend your money. This will be written in a contract.

Page last updated: 08/06/2017