Our Website and Digital Strategy

Our Website and Web Strategy

This is the main website for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. We aim to provide a website which:

  • contains information which is easy to find
  • is useful and accessible to its customers
  • supports the needs of the Council

Our strategic aims for the website are to deliver:

  • a further improved Council website delivering services and information 24/7
  • better use of the website as a marketing tool
  • a website which supports and complements the Council’s Digital Strategy
  • a website which takes advantage of innovations in technology and its application
  • a website which supports the Council’s drive to improve efficiency and service delivery

More detail can be found in our Website Strategy which also includes an Equality Analysis explaining how we have looked at the requirements of those with protected characteristics.

We measure the level of satisfaction with the website through the GovMetric ‘smiley faces’ found on each page. We look at ratings and comments to see what is working well and to understand what can be improved. All ratings are reviewed regularly and performance is reported monthly.

You can also contact us through webmaster@southend.gov.uk if you would like to leave feedback or ask a question about the website.

E-mails and GovMetric are monitored during office hours.

View our Website Strategy.

View information about the Digital Vision and Strategy.

Page last updated: 15/05/2019