Our Website and Digital Strategy

Digital Vision and Digital Strategy

Our Digital Vision for the Borough of Southend-on-Sea is:

  • to use technology to support and enable the Council’s Strategic Aims and Corporate Priorities
  • to create opportunities through our Digital Strategy for energy saving, carbon reduction, citizen focus, innovation and sustainable growth

The Digital Strategy sets out from 2014 to 2018 how we will achieve our Vision by using new technology to deliver real benefits to communities and businesses across the Borough.

Services will be designed with an online presence in mind, highlighting the opportunities which digital offers and the dependencies that exist between a strong economy, social well-being and modernised public services.

The Digital Strategy aims to:

  • improve communication and interaction with citizens and businesses across the borough
  • eradicate inefficiencies by streamlining and harmonizing services
  • remove duplication of services and resources
  • marginalise and reduce costs

View the Digital Vision and Strategy.

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Page last updated: 26/10/2018