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Customer Satisfaction - GovMetric

We measure the overall level of Customer satisfaction with our services across our three main access points. These are, by telephone to our Customer Service Centre, in person at the Customer Service Centre (Civic Centre Face to Face service) and over this web site. We get our information using the GovMetric survey system.

Customer Satisfaction September 2019
Service This month Year to date (from April) Target
Face to Face


75.74% 80%
Telephone 96.28%


Website 55.07% 53.84% 55%
All three channels combined




How the GovMetric Survey works

Whenever you contact us, whether face to face, on the telephone or on the web, letting us know how you feel about the service we give plays an important part in helping us improve and maintain our standards of service.

The GovMetric system provides a quick and easy way to provide us with feedback. It is completely anonymous unless you choose to provide contact details.

At the Customer Service Centre

When you visit our Customer Service Centre on the ground floor at the Civic Centre you will find a touch screen in the waiting area. At the conclusion of your visit, press the screen to show what service you have used, how you rate the service received, your reason for that rating and a comment. If you prefer not to use the screen, leave your ratings on one of our "Comments, Compliments and Complaints" cards and we will enter it for you.


When you telephone our Customer Service Centre, at the end of your call we will offer to put you through to the GovMetric survey system. If you agree, then you will be connected to an automated system where you will use your telephone keys to give your feedback. The questions should take less than 60 seconds to complete and there will be an option to provide more detailed feedback by leaving a voice message.


When you use our Website, you will see the GovMetric "smiley faces" on the web pages. To give feedback on a web page, simply click on the appropriate face. This will take you to a short survey where your reasons for that rating will be requested. You will also have the option of leaving a more detailed free-text comment.

Page last updated: 23/10/2019