Disabled Parking Bays

In areas where there are parking problems, we can provide individual parking bays for disabled people. This is subject to set criteria being met and no other circumstances can be considered.

Do you fit the criteria?

You must be registered disabled and must receive either:

  • the higher level of the mobility component of the  Disability Living Allowance and / or higher level of Personal Independance Payment (PIP)


  • the higher rate of Attendance Allowance


  • be the holder of a Blue Badge.

Additionally, your property should have:

  • no off street parking space, nor the opportunity to create an off street parking space, and
  • no existing waiting restrictions are operational at the location and the restriction cannot be removed for traffic or safety reasons.

Use of the bay

  • the bay will not be located within 10 metres of a Junction
  • although the bay is provided for the applicant, any vehicle displaying a blue badge can park in the bay
  • it cannot be reserved exclusively for the applicants use
  • the bay is an advisory marked bay only and enforcement cannot be carried if its used by a non blue badge holder

How to apply for a bay?

If you satisfy the specified criteria, please complete our online form.

Page last updated: 11/09/2019