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Key Statistics

Nomis, the official labour market statistics website, is based on the most recent data available and is a reliable source of the most up to date information concerning: Population: Employment and Unemployment: Economic Activity: Qualifications: Out of Work Benefits: Businesses

The Office for National Statistics produces annual mid-year population estimates, the latest of which can be found on their website

Age Structure

The number of residents in specified age bands from 0 to 90 plus, the mean and median age of residents of the Borough - based on age on census day (2011 Census Data) 

Accommodation Type - Households

The number of households and the type of property they live in, for example terraced property, flat, caravan, shared dwelling (2011 Census Data)

Economic Activity

The classification of residents ages 16 to 74 by type of economic activity, including employed, self-employed, unemployed, student, retired, long term sick or disabled, looking after home or family (2011 Census Data)

Job Density

Job density and employee jobs within Southend-on-Sea 2015 (2015 ONS Data)

Ethnic Group

The number of residents in each ethnic group (2011 Census Data)

General Health

The self-assessed state of health of residents, for example very good, fair, bad (2011 Census Data)

Public Health Profiles

Benchmarking area profiles against Southend and England, indicating deprivation score, children in low income families etc. 

Household Language

The number of residents classified by whether in their household all; at least one person over 16; at least one person ages 3 to 15; or no-one; has English as a main language (2011 Census Data)


The most up to date figure for the estimated number of residents, in total and by gender (it will differ from the census as that related to 2011) (NOMIS)

Population Density

The area of the Borough in hectares and the number of people per hectare (2011 Census Data)

Qualifications Gained

The number of residents ages 16 or over who have gained particular qualifications (people could tick more than one option so may appear multiple times) - for example, the number of people who have 2 or more A levels or equivalent (2011 Census Data)


The number of residents classifying themselves in specified religions or none - for example, the number of people classifying themselves as Buddhist (2011 Census Data)


The number of residents classified by sex - male or female (2011 Census Data) 

Page last updated: 17/04/2019