Prittlewell Prince Returns

For the first time, objects from the famous Prittlewell Anglo-Saxon princely burial will go on permanent display at Southend Central Museum.

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Community Diversity

Age of Arrival in the UK

The number of residents born in the UK and, for those who were not, the age (in bands) at which they arrived. For example, the number of people who first arrived in the UK aged 30 to 44 (2011 Census Data)

Country of Birth (detailed)

The continent of birth of residents, broken down into smaller regions such as parts of the UK, EU countries, EU Accession Countries, African regions, Middle East and Asian regions, the Americas and Caribbean, Australasia (2011 Census Data)

Country of Birth (broad)

The country of birth of people counted as resident, broken into parts of the UK, Ireland, EU (Member and Accession Countries) and other (2011 Census Data)

Ethnic Group

The number of residents in each ethnic group (2011 Census Data)

Household Language

The number of residents classified by whether in their household all; at least one person over 16; at least one person aged 3 to 15; or no-one; has English as a main language (2011 Census Data)

Length of Residence in the UK

The number of residents born in the UK and for those who were not, their length of residence, in bands, for example, resident in the UK less than 2 years (2011 Census Data)

Main Language

For all residents aged 3 and over, details of their main language (2011 Census Data)

Multiple Ethnic Groups

For households which contain members from different ethnic groups, the number of households who all have the same ethnic group, those with different groups between generations, those who have different groups between partnerships or any other combination of multiple ethnic groups (2011 Census Data)

National Identity – UK and Ireland

Residents classified by their national identity in regard to UK and Ireland (2011 Census Data)

Passports Held

Residents classified by the passport they hold (2011 Census Data)

Proficiency in English

Residents aged 3 or over classified by their proficiency in English. – for those whose main language is not English their proficiency is self-classified as from ‘can speak English very well’ to ‘cannot speak English’ (2011 Census Data)


The number of residents classifying themselves in specified religions or none – for example, the number of people classifying themselves as Buddhist (2011 Census Data)

Year of Arrival in the UK

The number of residents born in the UK and, for those who were not, the decade in which they arrived in the UK (if before 2000) and 3 year periods after that (2011 Census Data)

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Page last updated: 24/04/2019