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Education and Qualifications

Nomis, the official labour market statistics website, is based on the most recent data available and is a reliable source of the most up to date information concerning: Population: Employment and Unemployment: Economic Activity: Qualifications: Out of Work Benefits: Businesses


Highest Level of Qualification

For each resident aged 16 and over, the highest level qualification they have attained (includes having no qualifications, apprenticeships, GCSE, A-Level, Degree, NVQ etc.) (2011 Census Data)

Schoolchildren and Full Time Students

For residents aged 16 to 74, an estimate of the number of schoolchildren and full time students and the economic activity of those students aged 18 or over (2011 Census Data)

Households by Deprivation Dimensions

The number of households in each Deprivation Dimension (there are four of these based on employment, education, health and disability and housing) (2011 Census Data)


The most recent figures regarding the total number of people aged 16 to 64 qualified at particular level and above (NOMIS)

Qualifications Gained

The number of residents aged 16 or over who have gained particular qualifications by Rural Urban (people could tick more than one option so may appear multiple times) – for example, the number of people who have 2 or more A Levels or equivalent (2011 Census Data)

Schoolchildren and Full-Time Students at their Non Term-Time Address

Schoolchildren and Full-Time Students aged 4 and over at thier non term-time address. Classiied by sex, and Rural Urban - for example the number of male schoolchildren and full time students (2011 Census Data)

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