Prittlewell Prince Returns

For the first time, objects from the famous Prittlewell Anglo-Saxon princely burial will go on permanent display at Southend Central Museum.

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Health and Wellbeing

Key Documents

Director of Public Health Annual Report

Reports of the Southend-on-Sea Director of Public Health on key topics

Joint Strategic Needs Assessments

Assessments concerning the needs of the Borough now and in the future

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Information about the provision of pharmaceutical services in the Borough

Southend-on-Sea Area Health Profile

A summary of what the data says about the health or the population of the Borough, produced by Public Health England

Southend-on-Sea Child Health Profile

A snapshot of child health in the Borough as of June 2015

Data Sources 


The number of deaths registered in a calendar year, broken into categories and gender - for example the number of males dying of cancer (last updated 2011) (ONS Neighbourhood Statistics)

General Health

The self-assessed state of health of residents, for example very good, fair, bad (2011 Census Data)

Health and Care – Key Statistics

Includes health status, infant mortality, life expectancy, hospital admissions and major killer disease statistics (ONS Neighbourhood Statistics)

Health and Provision of Unpaid Care

Health and Care in one table with percentages (2011 Census Data)

Households by Deprivation Dimensions

The number of households in each Deprivation Dimension (there are four of these based on employment, education, health and disability and housing) (2011 Census Data)

Life Expectancy at Birth

The estimated life expectancy of males and females in the Borough (ONS Neighbourhood Statistics last updated 2011)

Live Births

The number of live births registered in a given year and their gender (ONS Neighbourhood Statistics last updated 2011)

Local Tobacco Control Profile

Comparative data about smokers and those aiming to stop smoking (Select the Region as: East of England, Area: Southend-on-Sea) (Public Health England)

Long-term Health Problem or Disability

The number of residents who say they have a long term issue limiting their day-to-day activities a little or a lot (2011 Census Data)

Public Health Outcomes Framework

Comparative data about the average number of years a person would expect to live in good health (Select the Region as: East of England, Area: Southend-on-Sea) (Public Health England)

Provision of Unpaid Care

The number of residents who provide unpaid care, classified within bands of the number of hours care provided – for example the number of people who provide 50 or more hours of unpaid care a week (2011 Census Data)

Data available from the Office for National Statistics about this subject.

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