What Types of Foster Care Are There?

There are three types of Foster Carer:

We have recently undertaken a review of a fostering career in Southend. There is now a clear career progression for carers. There are a number of ways to foster:

  • voluntary carers – often continue their own careers outside of fostering and are free to accept placements when it is best suited to their own family. They receive the same placement allowances and support as fee paid carers
  • fee paid carers - one carer in the household must be a full time carer. We operate a single placement scheme (for foster carers who have 1 bedroom to dedicate to fostering) and a fee paid scheme (for foster carers who have 2 bedrooms to dedicate to fostering) both schemes pay a set amount to carers every month and carers receive an allowance for the children in their care on top of this

What types of fostering care are there?

  • short term - from a few hours to 24 months
  • long term - if a child on a short term basis needs to remain in foster care long term, their carer will be asked if they wish to be linked long term to that child to give them stability and peace of mind
  • short break - offering regular support to a specific family with a child who has specific needs
  • remand foster care - taking a teenager who may be on a court order or ‘tagged’
  • supported lodgings - Helping a young person aged 16 or over to move on to independent living by ‘renting’ out a room in your house and supporting them in gaining the skills that they need
  • specialist fostering - providing care for particularly traumatised children

You don’t have to decide now what will best suit your family, this will be part of the discussions we have with you throughout your assessment.

If you are interested in fostering, please complete an Foster Care Enquiry Form or for further information, please see our download What happens if I want to Become a Foster Carer for Southend?

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Page last updated: 19/03/2020