Kent Elms Junction

Work starts on Kent Elms Pedestrian Crossing

Work to build the new pedestrian crossing across the A127 at Kent Elms junction started on Monday 14th September 2015 and is programmed to complete in December.

This signal crossing, which is being located on the west (London) side of the junction, will allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the A127 in two stages. Currently the only way to cross this part of the A127 is by using the stepped footbridge. You can view the plans in our Kent Elms Junction pdf.

You can receive further updates by following the @bettersouthend Twitter Feed, observing variable message signs on the A127 within Southend and tuning into Radio Essex traffic reports.

In 2013, we consulted local people about the problems faced using the Kent Elms Corner junction. The people we spoke to, both in person and via an online survey, told us that people with wheelchairs, buggies or mobility problems struggle to cross this busy road and access the shops and services such as Kent Elms Medical Centre and the library.

During the construction we plan to keep the impact of the works to a minimum, but so that we can build the crossing safely, we will need to temporarily close lanes for periods during the day and night up until December. This will be at times outside the busy periods.

We are also installing some new ducts under Bridgewater Drive, which will require us to put temporary lane closures in place, along with temporary traffic lights, on this part of the junction too.

In the longer term, we plan to remove the pedestrian footbridge and upgrade this busy junction so that it better manages traffic. Following on from the engagement exercise in 2013, it is envisaged further consultation about this project will take place at a later date.

The Kent Elms junction Improvement is the latest in a series of junction upgrades along the A127, having already improved junctions at Cuckoo Corner, Progress Road and the Tesco Roundabout.

Page last updated: 27/06/2018