Adult Social Care Milestone Recovery Plans 2020 -2022

We have talked with older people, adults, and carers. They told us that they want to be independent, to be healthy, to have a decent home, to have family and friends, and to be part of the local community.

We reviewed services and support for adults. We thought about how we and the local community dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic during 2020.

Our 18-month milestone recovery plans build on what we have learned and move us in the direction that we all want to move in:

  • we want people to have better quality, better choice, and better value for money
  • we will work with people so that they can live longer, healthier, and more active lives
  • we will provide the right support at the right time to those people who need it

People aged over 65

We will:

  • co-produce a five-year Older People Strategy with older people, their families, friends, and carers. The strategy will shape the care people can get and make sure we are spending money on the things that will make the most difference to older people
  • seek a wider range of housing options for older people
  • promote health and active lifestyles and reduce the need for long term care and support
  • aim to make care at home personalised and person-centred, keeping older people connected to their communities

If you would like to help with co-producing the Older People Strategy, then please email us.

People aged 18 to 65

We will:

  • co-produce a joint five-year Adults’ Strategy with people, their families, friends, and carers. The strategy will encourage people to stay independent and well, prevent their health from getting worse and enable them to live independently in the home of their choice
  • better join up health, care, and housing services. This will ensure that suitable accommodation with the required support is available to help vulnerable adults to live as independently as possible
  • reduce hospital and residential care admissions
  • promote healthy and active lifestyles for our adult population

If you would like to help with co-producing the Adults’ Strategy, then please email us.

Carers of all ages

We will co-produce:

  • an all-age carers strategy with carers of all ages and our partners through a Carers Community Panel. This will make sure that we are spending our money on areas that make the biggest difference and matter most to carers
  • a clear arrangement with young carers and young adult carers to help young carers transition to become adult carers
  • a clear route co-produced with parent carers to help parent carers as their children prepare for adulthood

If you would like to help with co-producing the Carers Strategy, then please email us.

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