Preparing for Bad Weather

Published Friday, 2nd June 2017

Bad Weather

A Met Office Yellow Warning of Rain has been issued – which currently brings a Very Low likelihood of Medium Impacts for many parts of the East of England.

This warning is valid from 1300 until 2300 today.

Despite the likelihood of flooding being low and yellow alerts being common, the Council and flood-response partners are not being complacent and have put our usual preparations in place so that we can respond effectively if necessary.

We and our partners are putting the following arrangements in place:

  • Cleansing contractors, Veolia, are on standby.
  • Highways contractor, Marlborough, are on standby to close any roads swiftly if necessary. This is to prevent cars driving through water on the highway from exacerbating flooding to any property by creating waves.
  • We are ready to provide extra assistance to vulnerable premises, such as care homes.
  • We are in contact with Essex Fire and Rescues Service to ensure there is pumping resource available should there be any flooding.
  • We are in contact with the Environment Agency and Anglian Water to ensure response arrangements are in place.

Andy Lewis, Acting Chief Executive for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, said: “Residents and businesses in Southend are very aware of the disruption that flash flooding can bring. That’s why we are taking this risk seriously, no matter how low and unlikely it may be.

“We hope local residents and businesses will be reassured that we are working closely together and poised to respond if necessary.” 

A spokeswoman from Anglian Water said: ““We are preparing for possible heavy showers and thunderstorms across the east of our region.

“To ensure our Southend pumping stations are in full working order Anglian Water teams are on the ground checking pumping station equipment and removing debris from the screens on the Prittle Brook. We have teams on standby in anticipation of lightning strikes and power outages that may affect our pumps.” 

Further information about flooding and how you can protect your property can be found at