Call for posters and memorabilia for ‘Subcultures’ exhibition at Beecroft

Published Thursday, 16th August 2018

Museum logo, with text: Upcoming Exhibition Subcultures

The Beecroft Art Gallery is asking for people to loan them their photos and posters for an upcoming Subcultures exhibition.

The exhibition opens on December 15 2018 and will explore subcultures throughout the decades with a focus on the clothing, music and lifestyles of these groups. The exhibition will display a varied mix of subcultures from teddy boys to mods, skinheads, punks, goths and everything in between and beyond.

Southend-on-Sea has a long history of alternative cultural groups, with a past thriving punk scene and well documented clashes of mods and rockers along the seafront.  Whether you were a mod, a punk, a rocker or anything else, this is an opportunity for your stories and items to be showcased at the Beecroft Art Gallery in an immersive exhibition exploring the development of subcultures in the town.

Southend Museums are looking for photographs of people in subcultural groups as well as posters and tickets from past events. The gallery is able to make copies of photos and posters if people would prefer sending digital copies in.

Cllr Lesley Salter, cabinet member for healthy communities and wellbeing said: “There is such a diverse history of subcultures within Southend and this upcoming exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to showcase it.  I encourage people who have memorabilia to share to contact the Beecroft and be part of the experience.”

If you have any relevant photographs, posters or memorabilia that you would like to be featured in the exhibition then contact Iona Farrell, Assistant Curator of Social History at Southend Museums via email by Monday 1 October.