Step up to the 10-minute “Active10” challenge

Published Thursday, 11th October 2018

Active 10 poster

We don’t need an expensive gym membership to see the benefits of an active lifestyle. Just 10 minutes’ brisk walking a day could increase our fitness levels, boost our memory and improve our health.

Realistic and achievable for most, the challenge is to make just 10 minutes’ walking a part of our day, either on the commute to work, on the school run, or during other daily activities. Public Health England’s Active10 app is ready to download, to help us track our progress, and reward us for each step we take off the gas, and on to the pavement.

To help put a spring in our step, Southend’s Public Health team are hosting a series of friendly and local group walks for people of all ages and abilities to drop in to. So if you’d like to step out with them, then details are available on their Public Health Southend Facebook page..

ForwardMotion, who promote walking, cycling and the use of public transport across south Essex, are working with employers to enable staff to fit 10 minutes’ brisk walking into their day. Having active and healthy employees stepping in to the office can reduce absence by 27% and boost morale. Local employers who would like more information on the Active10 challenge for their employees should call 01702 215249.

Councillor Lesley Salter, cabinet member for healthy communities and wellbeing said, “It’s well known to be difficult to fit much exercise in to our day, when zipping between home, work and other commitments, and with many of us tied to a desk for hours at a time. The Active10 challenge allows us to still do everything we need to, but with minor tweaks that we should be able to sustain, to help us live more actively. Spending hours in the gym is just not realistic for many, but getting off the bus a stop early, walking to the station rather than driving, or walking the kids to school is far easier to build in, and to stick to.

“On top of that of course, walking is free, and if part of our commute can save us money on travelling to work. So please do step up, download the free app and give the challenge a go!”