Are you winter ready?

Published Friday, 28th December 2018

winter, weather, advice

Winter weather is easier to manage when you know how to be prepared and where to find useful information.

There is a range of information and advice on everything from saving money on energy bills, to school closures, on the winter pages of the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council website:

Adverse weather can have a range of knock-on effects. Recycling and waste collections may be delayed or postponed. Other services such as care services, crematorium and cemetery services and transport services may also be impacted. There is up-to-date information available on the website. 

Our officers decide whether or not the roads need to be gritted and our website includes a list of gritting routes. Not all routes are automatically gritted, but done on a priority basis. Last winter around 1,600 tonnes of salt was used to grit 11,200 miles of road – the equivalent of driving to Edinburgh and back 13 times.

There are other ways you can prepare for cold weather. Stay well and follow NHS guidance as to when to use emergency services, when to call a GP, and when to self-care. Make sure your medicine cabinet is adequately stocked with painkillers and cold remedies to help you fight off common germs.

You can provide additional support for your neighbours by becoming a snow warden. Volunteers will be given a free pack including salt grit, snow shovels and high-visibility jackets. There are gritting bins all over the borough and a map of them is available via our winter pages.

Make sure your car is winter ready. Maintain your vehicle to make sure it is roadworthy and keep an ice scraper in the car. Also take the time to check on elderly neighbours, run essential errands for them and grit their pathways.

Cllr Mark Flewitt, cabinet member for public protection said: “There is very little we can do about the weather except be adaptable to whatever nature throws at us. The best way to manage is to be as prepared as possible. I urge residents to use the council’s winter web pages to access a raft of information about how you can prepare yourself, help others and when bad weather does hit, get the all-important need-to-know information, such as which schools are closed.”

Information about all the above and more can be found on our website: