Notice regarding Whirlpool tumble dryers and associated fire risk

Published Thursday, 13th June 2019

Washing Machine / T Tumble dryer

The Government is to direct Whirlpool to recall tumble dryers sold under Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Proline and Swan brands.

There is a reported risk that clumps of lint (from drying materials) could form within the machine, fall onto the heater, ignite and cause a fire.

If you are a landlord

If you supply white goods to tenants as part of the tenancy then you are obliged to ensure the safety of those items. You should establish whether any machines are subject to recall and if so, ensure that replacement or modification is undertaken without delay

If you are a tenant

If your landlord has supplied you with white goods, or you share the item with other tenants as part of your tenancy, then you should contact your landlord for them to establish whether those goods are subject to any recall and if so, that replacement or modification is to be undertaken without delay

If you are an owner-occupier

If you suspect you have one of the items being recalled then you should contact the manufacturer and follow their guidance.