Keeping trees at the forefront of the Council’s environmental agenda

Published Monday, 22nd July 2019

tree image

Cllr Carole Mulroney, cabinet member for environment and planning, has stated the Council’s tree policy very clearly following concerns over the removal of a number of mature trees in the town.

Responding to a question from Leigh Councillor, Peter Wexham, Cllr Mulroney said, at a meeting of the Council on Thursday (18 July): “When it comes to our policy for felling street trees, we adopt the “5 Ds” approach - namely we will fell a tree if it is dead, dying, damaged, diseased or dangerous.

“Other scenarios where felling a tree would be deemed necessary are where it is causing damage to buildings, such as subsidence, or where its removal is required as part of a planning consent.

“The council employs in-house tree experts, who routinely inspect street trees across the Borough as well as responding to customer reports and storm damage. They are absolutely passionate about trees – a passion that I share - and they would only recommend removal of a tree if it is entirely necessary.

“I want to make perfectly clear that our contractors do not make any decisions about whether to remove a tree and that we will not – and do not – remove trees because of leaf fall, bird droppings or any other preferences.

“Indeed, we are frequently in dispute with residents who want us to do this, but we staunchly refuse.

“This administration is committed to maintaining a green and healthy streetscape with a variety of planting, including trees. I will be spending time with our arboricultural team to experience the issues first hand and all councillors will be invited to join me later this year to hear more about street tree management from our expert team.”