Shoebury Maze open – but ceremony postponed

Published Thursday, 29th August 2019

Entrance to The Maze in Shoebury Park

Shoebury Park’s new piece of public art ‘The Maze’ is now open and being enjoyed by park visitors. However the council has postponed its official opening until further works are complete.

The maze, funded by a developer contribution from Bovis Homes, is a piece of public art and stands on the previous site of the play area.   

Scott Dolling, director of culture, tourism and property for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, said: “There is a naturalised area that forms part of the artwork, which was seeded with grass and flowers. This has not yet fully established and there are some other finishing touches that need to be completed, so we have decided to defer the official opening.”

Mrs Evelyn Assenheim, wife of the late Cllr Mike Assenheim, said: “A maze in Shoebury Park was Mike’s idea and, although we have a maze that people are already using, I agree that an official opening is delayed until more of the planting has established and that further necessary works are completed. Mike would prefer it that way and so I and my family support the council’s postponement.”