Councillors to consider removing yellow lines to create seafront parking spaces

Published Wednesday, 11th September 2019

Red and Blue car parked side by side

Senior councillors are to consider creating up to 21 new parking spaces along Southend’s seafront through the removal of yellow lines.

Southend-on-Sea Borough’s cabinet are to consider a report by highways officers that assess the feasibility of removing yellow or white lines identified by councillors to create extra parking at several areas along the seafront.

The Cabinet had instructed officers to conduct the feasibility study in response to a commitment made at Full Council on 18 July under Opposition Business.

The report recommends that yellow or white lines be removed from the five following areas, subject to a period of statutory consultation:

  • the removal of yellow lines by businesses under Pier Hill on Western Esplanade to create an extra eight spaces
  • the removal of a coach drop-off area outside Alexandra Yacht Club to create an extra four spaces
  • the removal of the yellow lines outside 37 Eastern Esplanade (Puff Dad E Vaping Shop) to create three extra spaces
  • the removal of white lines outside Three Shells on Western Esplanade to create three extra spaces
  • the removal of yellow lines outside The Marriotts Café on Western Esplanade to create three extra spaces

The report also details how officers have looked into creating extra parking spaces at three other locations, but ruled these out as unviable.

  • the soft verge area on Chancellor Road: the introduction of parking bays here is considered uneconomic: civil works would cost around £5k and provide a maximum of four spaces while removing a valuable green space.
  • by the coach bay near the pier: The area suggested is used as a bus stop for the open-top bus during the summer months, so there is no opportunity for additional parking
  • area opposite Electric Avenue on Marine Parade: This has been discounted on road safety grounds. Entering and leaving the area requires vehicles to cross a shared pedestrian and cycle path

In addition to considering the removal of yellow and white lines, the feasibility study also considered a proposal to reinstate the right-hand turn and straight-ahead manoeuvres at the Chancellor Road and Church Road junction in the area between the Seaways Car Park and the Royals Shopping Centre in order to improve connectivity between the seafront and high street. Cabinet will consider whether to move trial these arrangements and either make them permanent or reinstate the current arrangements.

Cllr Ron Woodley, cabinet member for transport, capital and inward investment, said: “At the last Full Council meeting, we were challenged by fellow councillors to look into ways to create extra car parking spaces in several locations along the seafront area by removing yellow and white lines. We are a listening administration, which is why we tasked our highways team to conduct a feasibility study into freeing up spaces in several locations along the seafront area. It is this feasibility study that we will discuss on 17 September.

“Though the numbers of extra parking spaces that could feasibly be created in this way is quite low, we appreciate there is a high demand on parking on busy days in high season and will keep that front of mind when we discuss the report next week.

“Following the production of this report, officers are working with councillors and have identified potential locations for further parking spaces in the town centre and seafront which will now also be assessed for viability.”