Active travel initiative launched in south Essex

Published Monday, 20th January 2020

Forward Motion logo

A new active travel challenge has been launched to encourage local residents to try alternative transport methods, such as walking, cycling, or using the bus or train.

Following a recent research study by ForwardMotion and YouGov which found people across south Essex are planning to use their car less, with almost a quarter (24%) of residents admitting they plan to use public transport more frequently in 2020.

As residents plan to use their car less, local transport initiative ForwardMotion has launched an active travel challenge called ‘Try January’ to encourage people to try out different transport methods. Anyone who tries a new journey on a bus, train, bike or by walking during January, can enter a draw for £250 towards a new bike or other active travel equipment.

Amazon, Cantel, DP World and Intu Lakeside are just four of the regional businesses who are backing the ForwardMotion initiative. Many more have benefited from the services ForwardMotion provide, including personal travel plans for employees, cycle training and free cycle hangars.

Councillor Ron Woodley, chair of the south Essex Active Travel Sponsoring Board, said: “As we enter a new decade, now is the time to start considering how we can all make changes to our travel habits that will benefit not only ourselves, but also the south Essex community and beyond.

“ForwardMotion has already worked with thousands of residents across south Essex to change the way they travel. Over the last three years, it has helped organisations encourage their employees, students and trainees to use personal travel plans, take up cycle training and has even provided infrastructure such as cycle hangars. We encourage anyone who is looking to change the way they travel, or who would like to encourage people within their organisation to travel differently, to get in touch and see how ForwardMotion can help.”

To help organisations and individuals who want to change the way they travel, ForwardMotion has introduced a range of different initiatives including:

  • personal travel planning
  • walking workshops
  • cycle training
  • cycle hubs
  • free cycle parking
  • journey buddies

To learn more about how ForwardMotion might be able to help you or your organisation, or to enter the Try January draw, get in touch by email or pick up the phone: 01702 212727.