New project asks, “What are 99 things you need to do before you’re 19?”

A new project, developed in partnership with Royal Opera House Bridge, aims to create opportunities for young people to increase their experiences before they reach adulthood.

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A list of “99 things to do before you’re 19”, is being created using the suggestions of young people as well as adults who have had experiences they value and can recommend.

Opportunities will then be developed locally to enable our young people to tick these items off their list, and reach adulthood with rounded experiences, be they educationally, in the arts, sport, socially, in voluntary opportunities or others.

The partnership is collecting suggestions in nine categories and responses to-date include going vegan for a week, meeting someone doing the job you aspire to do, trying a sport you have never done before, seeing Southend from the sea, making a podcast on something you are passionate about and writing to your MP about something you care about.

Councillor Anne Jones, cabinet member for children and learning said: “As a seaside town we’re all familiar with the 99 ice cream, a staple of childhood. Well now we have another 99 – a bucket list of things we want to help every child experience before they’re 19 years old. Once we have our list we will be working with a range of organisations to help support children in ticking these experiences off their list. Through this programme we hope to support a future generation thrive and launch into adulthood with ambition, a sense of purpose and a positive outlook.

“Please do head to the 99by19 Facebook page and add a comment, or contribute on Twitter or Instagram offering the experiences you would put on a list for young people. We’re keen to get everyone involved, and for young people considering responding, this is your chance to help shape your future and have a say about the experiences you would like to have. Please respond by 24 March.”

Published: 4th March 2020

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