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Southend Coronavirus Action launches to help community support and look after each other

Published Tuesday, 24th March 2020

Southend Coronovirus Action. Prevent. Inform. Assist.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, with its partners, is working to pair local volunteers with those who need a little help in their area.

The partnership, led by the council, SAVS and SECH, includes a range of voluntary organisations and local charities.

The project is being organised to ensure that the goodwill of the public is harnessed in the best way, and to help ensure voluntary work is carried out in a safe and co-ordinated way. The partnership has been working around the clock to plan and set up a way of harnessing the good nature of the public. In using professionals who work with volunteers on a daily basis, colleagues from social care, the contact centre and others, the group has created a platform that will help support people to help themselves, their neighbours and their local community if they do not already have support in place.

Southend Coronavirus Action has launched with a Facebook page and is asking volunteers to register their interest in helping others in their local area with simple tasks such as shopping, if they are unable to get to the shops themselves.

The group is also looking for businesses in the borough, who may be able to offer help, to volunteer their services via a separate form, again linked from the Facebook Page.

Councillor Ian Gilbert, leader of the council, said: “Although this is a very strange and difficult time for all of us, it is clear that many people in our borough want to do something to help others. It is heartening to see so many people already liking and sharing this Facebook page, and signing up through the online forms, to offer their services.

“I would ask anyone who would like to help out, to do so through this Page, so we can co-ordinate a fast and effective response, and get food and other necessary items to those who need it as quickly and safely as possible, and whilst sticking to social distancing measures. I would also encourage people to make a plan with their family and friends if they can.

“Thank you to everyone who offers to help. We all value your support, and it makes me so proud to be working here in Southend when I see such kindness throughout our borough.”