Conservation plans for Hamlet Court Road up for review

A public consultation is being launched seeking residents’ views on the proposals to designate part of Hamlet Court Road as a Conservation Area.

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The draft Conservation Area Appraisal for Hamlet Court Road sets out the historical and architectural interest of the area. The proposed Conservation Area is on Hamlet Court Road, between London Road and St Helen’s Road. The consultation is now live and will be open to the public to express their views on the proposed boundary and wider study area, following requests that a wider area be considered as a Conservation Area until Friday 16 April.

Conservation Areas are parts of the country with special architectural and historical significance. They are designated to allow local authorities to manage and protect them with extra planning controls and considerations.

The council commissioned specialist independent heritage consultants, Purcell, to undertake a review of all the Borough’s existing Conservation Areas with a view to renewing or producing new Conservation Area Appraisals. Purcell was also tasked with considering potential new Conservation Area designations and making informed recommendations to the council, as appropriate.

Cllr Carole Mulroney, cabinet member for environment and planning, said: “Following extensive research carried out by Purcell, the northern section of Hamlet Court Road - south of London Road - has been highlighted as a potential conservation area.

“We have listened to resident groups during the informal consultation and fellow councillors who suggested for the conservation area to cover a larger area. We took these comments on board and will now be proceeding to a statutory public consultation, where we will seek feedback on the draft proposals.

“The area has a number of buildings with historic and architectural value, and conservation status would offer increased protection in respect of any future planning applications in the area.”

To view the consultation in full, please visit Your Say Southend.

If you have any questions about this consultation or need assistance completing the short survey, please contact 01702 215408 or email us.

Published: 19th February 2021

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