Leader's blog - 18 August 2023

With the summer in full swing, Cllr Tony Cox, leader of Southend-on-Sea City Council talks about exciting upcoming developments.

Cllr Tony Cox wearing a navy blue suit jacket, white shirt and a pink, blue and white flowery tie. He is sitting in front of the Council Coat of Arms.

For some older teenagers (and their families), it's been quite a stressful summer as the ghost of results day has loomed large.

So, I wanted to start by saying congratulations and well done to everyone who received A-Level results, or any other type of exam or qualification result this week, including T-Levels, BTECs and VQT's.

I hope you got the outcome you wished for and if not, I hope you realise that although things might not have turned out how you'd hoped, there are other opportunities, paths and adventures waiting for you. It's not the end of your journey - far from it.

For families who are supporting young adults going through this transition, there is a whole wealth of information and support online. The NHS has a good website with lots of helpful advice, as does our own Connexions website.

Of course, helping our young people regulate and maintain their emotional health and wellbeing, particularly in times of stress, is an important life skill to help them develop. But mostly, they just need to know they have an adult who cares for them and is prepared to listen.

Sport is definitely on the menu at the moment, because as the official stage 6 starting point of the Tour of Britain men's cycling race, we are preparing to welcome the team and everything the event entails to our City on Friday 8 September.

The Women's Tour, which took place two years ago, was so successful and really raised the profile of Southend-on-Sea on a national level. It was great to see and we're hoping to see that same success again and raise the interest in cycling as a hobby and method of local travel.

Finally, in this special sporting issue, if you're watching the women's World Cup Final on Sunday, or indeed just out and about in our City - have a great time, but please please enjoy sensibly. This is a great opportunity to build on our national pride and support our women to victory.

Enjoy your weekend.

Cllr Tony Cox, leader of the council

Published: 18th August 2023

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