New waste collection rounds and separated recycling being rolled out in Southend

Published Thursday, 12th May 2016

Veolia worker and Veolia waste truck

Major changes to how and when Southend residents’ waste and recycling is collected come into effect from this week.

Veolia UK – the Council’s waste and recycling contractor – is changing the Borough’s waste and recycling collection routes as well as introducing a new blue box for the recycling of paper and cardboard.

Around half of the Borough’s households will have a new collection day, as Veolia switches from a five-day collection service between Monday and Friday, to a four-day collection service from Tuesday to Friday.

This will mean that, with the exception of Christmas and Easter, collections in future will be unaffected by Bank Holidays, which, under the current service, delay collections by a day and can result in many householders putting their waste and recycling out too early.

Veolia has also started delivering new blue boxes to every household in the Borough for recycling paper and cardboard separately from other recyclable materials. Collecting paper and cardboard separately will bring the Borough’s waste service in line with new legislation as well as improving the quality and value of recycled products. Residents of blocks of flats or other multi-occupancy dwellings will receive a roll of blue sacks instead of a box during June.

A brochure outlining how to use the new blue box and confirming residents’ future collection days are being delivered along with the boxes themselves over the next eight weeks.

Residents can also check their collection date and instructions on how to separate their waste and recycling online at:

Andy Lewis, Director for Place at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, said: “Our contract with Veolia aims to increase recycling rates across the Borough, provide a more efficient service and improve the standards of cleanliness.

“It is vital that all residents understand when their future collection dates are and how to separate their waste and recycling to ensure as smooth a transition as possible to the new service.

“Please continue to put out your waste and recycling on your normal collection day until you receive your new blue box or bags with the brochure detailing your new collection day.

“The brochure and our website information provide you with clear guidance on what you need to do. We are also providing extra resource within our Customer Service Centre, so that help is only a phone-call or mouse-click away.”

Keith McGurk, Regional Director for Veolia, said: “In partnership with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, Veolia is committed to enabling residents to recycle more of their waste. We have worked hard to ensure that the changes happening are communicated to residents, but understand it can be confusing, so have specialist Recycling Officers on hand to help with any questions residents may have.”

Residents wanting to know more about how the new waste and recycling service affects them, should: