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If you park in any of our car parks on a regular basis, you may benefit from purchasing a season ticket – this is especially beneficial to full time employees in the area and commuters that park in council car parks.

You can purchase a season ticket for a specific car park (e.g. Warrior Square Car Park) or for a specific zone (e.g. the council car parks listed within Zone 1A).

Season Tickets for Named Car Parks

Season Tickets for Named Car Parks
Zone Type Named Car Park Monthly Ticket Quarterly Ticket 6 Monthly Ticket Annual Ticket
Zone 1A Gas Works Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone 1A Seaway Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone 1A Shorefield Road Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone 1B Ceylon Road Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone 1B Hamlet Court Road Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone1B Ilfracombe Avenue Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone 1B North Road Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone1B Tylers Avenue Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone1B University Square Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone 1B Warrior Square Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone 1B York Road Car Park £55.00 £160.00 £310.00 £600.00
Zone 2 Elm Road Car Park £45.00 £135.00 £260.00 £500.00
Zone 2 Leigh Marshes Car Park £45.00 £135.00 £260.00 £500.00
Zone 2 North Street Car Park £45.00 £135.00 £260.00 £500.00
Zone 2 Shoebury Common North Car Park £45.00 £135.00 £260.00 £500.00
Zone 2 Shoebury East Beach Car Park £45.00 £135.00 £260.00 £500.00
Zone 2 Thorpe Bay Broadway Car Park £45.00 £135.00 £260.00 £500.00
N/A Baxter Avenue - - - £1200.00

View a map of all the car parks within the borough

Season Tickets for Car Park Zone

These can be used to park in any car park within the zone – see the full list of car parks and applicable zones at this link.

Season Tickets for Car Park Zone


Monthly Ticket

Quarterly Ticket

Annual Ticket

Zone 1A




Zone 1B




Zone 2




All Car Parks




Applying for a Season Ticket

You can apply using our online form. Alternatively, if you have changed vehicle, you can submit an application to change the vehicle registration on your permit by using this online change of vehicle form. Please ensure that the new vehicle does not exceed the dimensions stipulated in the terms and conditions.

From 1 April 2021, car parks season tickets (with the exception of Baxter Avenue Car Park) are issued as virtual season ticket, which is a paperless format that replaces the need to display a paper permit in your vehicle. It works in the same way that road tax has been ‘virtual’ for the last few years. This means that you will not receive a physical permit to put in your car once your application has been approved and payment has been made. Each virtual season ticket will be linked to only one vehicle registration number.

Please note that:

  • permits issued prior this date will have to be displayed in the windscreen as normal
  • you will need to change your permit if you change vehicles. You must return the old season ticket to us, if you do not you will be charged £30

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