Parking Offer - Buy one hour, get one hour free

Starting Thursday 3 December, all council run car parks across the borough will be free on Thursdays after 4:00pm for late-night shopping and all day on Sundays until Christmas. This will run up to and include Thursday 24 December.

Parking offer for all council owned car parks listed below until 31 March 2021

The following applies 7 days a week:

  • short stay customers: Buy 1 hour parking and get 1 hour free (offer only applicable for the 1 hour parking charge)
  • No refunds given. Please note a 1 hour ticket will be dispensed but is valid for 2 hours.
Location and Pay by Phone code for Council owned car parks in scheme
Car Park Pay by Phone Code
Alexandra Street Car Park 02029
Beecroft Lower Car Park 02038
Beecroft Upper Car Park 02037
Belton Gardens North Car Park 02001
Belton Gardens South Car Park 02002
Ceylon Road Car Park 02024
Civic Centre North Car Park 02034
Clarence Road Car Park 02030
Elm Road Leigh Car Park 02026
Essex Street Car Park 02032
Hamlet Court Road Car Park 02023
Ilfracombe Avenue Car Park 02021
Leigh Foundry Car Park 02003
London Road North Car Park 02033
North Road Car Park 02022
North Street Leigh Car Park 02025
Seaway Car Park 02027
Shoebury Common North Car Park 02014
Shoebury Common South Car Park 02013
Shoebury East Beach Car Park 02016
Short Street Car Park 02039
Thorpe Bay Broadway Car Park 02020
Thorpe Esplanade Car Park 02012
Tylers Avenue Car Park 02060
University Square Car Park 02062
Victoria Wharf Car Park 02004
Warrior Square Car Park 02031
York Road Car Park 02060

Parking offer for all council owned car parks listed below until 31 March  2021.

The following applies 7 days a week:

  • from 2pm: Pay for 2 hours only to cover the rest of the day
Parking offer
Car Park Pay by Phone Code
Fairheads Green Car Park 02009
Gasworks Car Park 20036
Shorefield Road Car Park 02007

Contact Parking, Travel & Roads

Telephone: 01702 215003

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