Climate Change

The Carbon Reduction Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC)

This scheme charges certain members in both the public and private for every tonne of carbon dioxide they produce.

The aim of this scheme is to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. This will then help drive forward the UK's transition to a low-carbon economy.

We have to report data about our energy use and resulting carbon emissions under the CRC each year. This includes those associated with schools.

We reported the following carbon emission data in the 2011/2012 CRC report to the Environment Agency:

 Electricity  10,313 tonnes of carbon dioxide
 Gas  6,504 tonnes of carbon dioxide
 Total  16,817 tonnes of carbon dioxide

Important: All schools have a legal duty to help us with the CRC. They must give energy data and keep records of any events which effect their usage.

Data will be sent to the Environment Agency and the allowances bought as needed. Records will be kept by the Energy Team if schools would like to check that it matches to their own records.

For more information about the CRC please visit the Environment Agency website.

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