Public Health Responsibility Deal

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What’s the Deal?

Southend’s Public Health Responsibility Deal asks local businesses/organisations to commit to actions centred on looking after the welfare of their staff. Our team looks after the implementation of these actions, there’s no leg work to do your end.

Staff are your most valuable asset. The Deal aims to ensure that Southend businesses all support their staff. Together creating and maintaining a workforce that is and feels supported in having strong health and wellbeing, improving attendance and staff retention, and boosting morale.

Is it onerous on the businesses?

Not at all. We offer a wealth of support to help your business commit to the actions below, and give you the tools to do so.

What do the commitments cover?

You can pick and choose the commitments that are most relevant or pertinent to your business – those you feel would most benefit your staff. We will then work with you and put the relevant support in place so you can be confident in your commitment. More information is available via the links below, but actions could include health checks, supporting staff to give up smoking (with our help), learning how the food we eat impacts our performance, mental health awareness training, creating a wellbeing champion (supported by us), having free cycle racking and training for staff. – Or many other actions.

I’d like for my business to get involved – what do I need to do?

Simply email us with your contact details and we’ll be in touch with more information on the commitments, the process, and the support available.

What will happen once I have made my actions?

Your staff will be supported in improving their health and wellbeing, through the actions you make. The aim is for you to see a positive impact on your workforce, with healthy and happy employees. You will be sent the Deal logo to display to customers and recruits that you support a healthy workforce.

Which other businesses have signed up?

Have a look at our list of businesses currently signed up to the Responsibility Deal. We are proud of all of them and the positive contribution they are all making to employees’ health and wellbeing. 

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