Education Services for Those Unable to Attend School

The Interim Tuition Service provides education for students of compulsory school age who are unable to attend school because of:

  • long-term illness
  • injury
  • pregnancy

What does the service do?

Tutors work together with the child or young person, their parents, school and health care professionals to arrange an educational programme suitable for the child or young person’s current health needs

Regular meetings will also be held involving all parties and a reintegration plan is set up at a suitable time. Tutors can also help a pupil to settle back into school if required.

Where does it take place?

Education takes place in the most effective and appropriate way that best meets the health needs of the child or young person. This will be decided at the initial meeting and could be through a variety of different formats, some examples of these are:

  • a tutor visiting your child in your home
  • a tutor meeting your child in a public place, such as a library
  • small group learning in a venue such as the Southend Adult Community College
  • online tuition
  • accessing your child’s classroom teaching in your home through an AV1 avatar robot

For your child to use this service, their school must make the referral to the service's co-ordinator. The co-ordinator will then arrange a meeting with you, the school and the health care professional supporting your referral.

For any enquiries regarding this service or for children electively home educated and unable to access their usual educational provision due to health reasons, parents can discuss referrals with the Inclusion Team by email or by telephoning 01702 534540.

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