Southend-on-Sea: a digital city

Southend and CityFibre: creating one of the UK's first Gigabit city networks

We are working to transform Southend into one of the world’s best digitally connected towns.

As part of £30m private investment from CityFibre, Vodafone UK will be using CityFibre’s network to bring their Gigafast Broadband services to the town.

Starting in Eastwood Park and Progress Road industrial areas, the first homes and businesses will be able to connect to the network by the end of 2020. The works will largely be complete by 2022.

The Gigabit broadband voucher scheme can also be used by:

  • small businesses
  • local communities

to help towards the costs of the installation.

What are the benefits of full fibre?

Once the full fibre cables are in place, Southend will be one of the few places in the UK to have the fastest possible internet speeds possible.

Some of the advantages of having full fibre are:

  • a 2 hour HD film will download in 7 seconds
  • it will bring businesses to the area and increase the economy and employment opportunities

Find out more by watching the CityFibre - Builder of Gigabit Cities video on YouTube.

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