The future of Southend High Street

City Centre

There are many teams which help keep the City Centre safe, clean and tidy.

Community Safety Partnership Team

The Council’s Community Safety Officers patrol the city centre, seafront and other busy part of the city to make residents and visitors feel safe and deal with any low level anti-social behaviour to ease pressure on local police services. They also offer support to local businesses and are connected with the CCTV and business via Town Link to communicate any issues and respond to requests for help.


The CCTV team monitor the 165 camera’s spread across the city on a 24/7 basis. Any issues are immediately raised and reported to the Community Safety Team or to Essex Police.

Homeless outreach teams

The Council, HARP and STARS all have outreach workers employed to specifically engage with those who are sleeping rough on the streets and encourage them to access the relevant support services. If you see someone who is sleeping rough on the streets, please visit the streetlink website and report their location. A message is sent to the outreach team who will make sure the person is ok.

Veolia - waste and recycling services

Veolia is the contractor for Southend-on-Sea City Council’s waste collection, including services for public areas such as the city centre. The waste and recycling teams regularly empty bins and pick litter to make sure the city looks clean and tidy. On busy days, bank holidays, school holidays and days when the weather is hot, there is an effort to put extra services in place to avoid bins overflowing. If you do see an overflowing bin though, please take your rubbish home with you and dispose of it properly. If there is a build-up please report it to My Southend.

Pier and foreshore

Our pier and foreshore team work to make sure residents and visitors are safe and well when spending time on the seafront.

Parks team

Our parks teams also look after our green urban spaces, as well as the city's larger parks. They make sure our green areas and plants are healthy and thriving.

Essex Police

We work closely with Essex Police to make sure residents and visitors feel safe when visiting the city centre.

Contact switchboard and out of hours

Telephone: 01702 215000

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