The future of Southend High Street

High Street and beyond

Southend-on-Sea welcomes more than seven million visitors to the city every year. But it’s not just the city centre and the beach they come for. There are many attractions which draw people into the city and additional investment taking place to improve the look and feel of Southend-on-Sea.

Pier investment - £5.1 million investment

In spring 2021 new pier trains will be introduced following public consultation on the look and design of the trains. There will also be improved facilities at the pier head, or sea end of the pier. The Royal Pavilion will transform from a café to a fully-fledged restaurant and new features, including a viewing platform will be added to allow live performances to take place.

Seaway Leisure - £50 million investment

A family leisure experience including cinema, hotel, bowling and restaurants, will bring around 500 new jobs to the city plus boost footfall to the seafront and High Street due to its close location to both.

Better Queensway - £500 million investment

Porter’s Place Southend-on-Sea LLP has been set up to deliver Better Queensway, replacing the existing four city centre tower blocks with new housing, a new road layout and green spaces.

Due to how close the estate is to the Town Centre, it is hoped the improvements will make it easier for residents living to the north and north-west of the High Street, to walk or cycle into city.

There is a dedicated Better Queensway project website where you can find out more.

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