Southend 2050

Southend 2050 is made up of our:

  • ambition
  • associated themes
  • the outcomes we want to achieve

The Road Map, and all future delivery plans, strategies and policies will reflect this.

The Road Map outlines our role in achieving the ambition and provides a high level guide for:

  • councillors
  • staff
  • partners
  • others

in aligning their capacity and resources to priorities. It will help in ensuring we are all working to achieve the same outcomes.

The Road Map also builds on our existing achievements and outlines what we want to achieve in the coming five years. Our delivery plans will focus on achieving the desired outcomes that reflect our ambition and focus on in the next 12 to 18 months.

Find out more and for the Ambition and Roadmap please visit the Southend 2050 webpages.

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