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Pride and Joy

2050 Pride and Joy

By the year 2050, how does our city look and feel?

People are proud of living in Southend - the historic buildings and well-designed new developments, open spaces, and the seafront. Southend’s city centre has generated jobs, homes and leisure opportunities and our focal centres all offer something different and distinctive.

Southend has a reputation for creativity and culture and is a place that residents and visitors can enjoy in all seasons.

Above all we continue to cherish our coastline as a place to come together, be well and enjoy life.


The outcomes we want to achieve:

  • we act as a sustainable and green city embracing the challenges of the Climate Emergency Declaration made in 2019
  • our streets and public spaces are valued and support the mental and physical wellbeing of residents and visitors
  • the variety and quality of our outstanding cultural and leisure offer has increased for our residents and visitors, and we have become the region’s first choice coastal tourism destination
  • we will assess how to best manage our coastline to protect people, residential and commercial properties, designated habitats, public open spaces and agricultural land from coastal flood and erosion risk
  • there is a sense of pride in the place, with local people actively and knowledgably talking up the city

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