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By the year 2050 how does our borough, Southend-on-Sea, look and feel?

  • public services
  • voluntary groups
  • strong community networks
  • smart technology

Combine to help people live long and healthy lives.

Carefully planned homes and new developments have been designed to support mixed communities and personal independence.

Access to the great outdoors keeps our residents both physically and mentally well.

An effective, joined up enforcement ensures that people feel safe when they’re out and high quality care is there for people when they need it.

Outcomes: In five year’s time

  • people in all parts of the borough feel safe and secure at all times
  • Southenders are remaining well enough to enjoy fulfilling lives, throughout their lives
  • we are well on our way to ensuring that everyone has a home that meets their needs
  • we are all effective at protecting and improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable in our community
  • we act as a Green City with outstanding examples of energy efficient and carbon neutral buildings, streets, transport and recycling
  • residents feel safe and secure in their homes

Southend 2050 Roadmap

Southend - Our Shared Ambition document

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