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Opportunity and Prosperity

Opporttunity and Prosperity

By the year 2050 how does our city, Southend-on-Sea, look and feel?

Southend and its residents benefit from being close to London, but Southenders have so many options to build a career or grow a business locally. We are so much more than a commuting town.

Affordability and accessibility have made Southend popular with start-ups. This gives us the edge in developing our tech and creative sectors, whilst also helping to keep large, established employers investing in the city.

People here feel valued, nurtured, and invested in. This means that they have a love of learning, a sense of curiosity and are ready for school, employment, and the bright and varied life opportunities ahead of them.


The outcomes we want to achieve:

  • we have a vibrant, thriving town centre, with an inviting mix of retail, homes, arts, culture, and leisure opportunities
  • major regeneration projects are under way and bringing prosperity and job opportunities to the city
  • our children are school-ready and young people are ready for further education, employment, or training
  • Southend has a national profile for its thriving Cultural and Creative Industries sector, where culture plays a central role in the social and economic success of our diverse communities
  • as part of our economic recovery, Southend businesses feel supported to respond to economic shocks and can thrive and grow, creating enough job roles to match the needs of the population and safeguarding fulfilling careers
  • the Local Plan is setting an exciting planning framework, meeting the development needs of the city for the next 20 years

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