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By the year 2050 how does our borough, Southend-on-Sea, look and feel?

Southend-on-Sea has grown, but our sense of togetherness has grown with it. That means there's a culture of serving the community, getting involved and making a difference, whether you're a native or a newcomer, young and old. This is a place where people know and support their neighbours, and where we all share responsibility for where we live. Southend in 2050 is a place that we're all building together - and that's what makes it work for everyone.

Outcomes - In five years time:

  • even more southenders agree that people from different backgrounds are valued and get on well together
  • residents feel the benefits of social connection, in building and strengthening their local networks through common interests and volunteering
  • residents are routinely involved in the design and delivery of services
  • a range of initiatives help increase the capacity for communities to come together to enhance their neighbourhood and environment
  • more people have physically active lifestyles, including through the use of open spaces 

Southend 2050 Roadmap

Southend - Our Shared Ambition document

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