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By the year 2050 how does our city, Southend-on-Sea, look and feel?

Southend is a leading digital city and an accessible place. It is easy to get to and easy to get around. Parking has become easier for residents, visitors, and businesses.

Everyone can go out to enjoy the city’s thriving city centre, neighbourhoods, and open spaces.

Older people can be independent for longer.

Local people find it easy to get further afield with quick journey times into the capital and elsewhere, and an airport that has continued to open up business and leisure travel overseas - but in balance with the local environment.


The outcomes we want to achieve:

  • facilitate a wide choice of transport that improves accessibility, connectivity, and mobility to all residents. Including, working with public transport providers to deliver these long-term aspirations
  • we are leading the way in making public and private travel smart, clean, and green
  • Southend is a leading smart city, using technology in smart ways to enable improved resident services, and ensure digital inclusion. Our connectivity, data, and principles approach to digital enable us to facilitate better decision making, automated services and digital experiences for those across the city

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For more information about the Connected and Smart theme and respective to find out more about how we’re getting on with these outcomes, please email us.

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