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By the year 2050 how does our borough, Southend-on-Sea, look and feel?

It will be a leading digital city and an accessible place. It will be easy to get to and will be easier to get around.

Parking will be easier for:

  • residents
  • visitors
  • businesses

Everyone can go out to enjoy the boroughs:

  • thriving city centre
  • neighbourhoods
  • open spaces

Older people can be independent for longer.

Local people will also find it easy to get further afield with quick journey times into the capital and elsewhere. An airport that has continued to open up business and leisure travel overseas - but in balance with the local environment.

Outcomes - In five years' time

  • working with the public transport providers to enhance and encourage the use of the existing provision moving towards a long-term aspiration to open new routes, enabling a wider accessibility to public transport options
  • people have a wide choice of transport options
  • we are leading the way in making public and private travel smart, clean and green
  • Southend is a leading digital city with world class infrastructure that reflects equity of digital provision for the young, vulnerable and disadvantaged

Southend 2050 Roadmap

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